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Wywiad z Carmack'iem - część druga
09·12·1999 - 20:01 - [FPP]Black
Tak to druga część dużego wywiadu przeprowadzonego przez Voodoo Extreme z programistą id Software John'em Carmack'iem. Umieszczamy wycinek wywiadu a zainteresowanych szczegółami zapraszamy do dłuższej lektury.

Voodoo Extremist Chris Rhinehart; Human Head Studios-- From what I've read, Doom3 is intended to have a strong single-player experience. What do you anticipate to be the biggest design hurdles to overcome while creating Doom3, as opposed to designing a title intended primarily for multiplayer?

John Carmack -- We sort of went into Q3 thinking that the multi-player only focus was going to make the game design easier. It turned out that the lack of any good unifying concept left the level designers and artists without a good focal point, and there was more meandering around that we cared for. The hardest thing is deciding what to focus on, because DOOM meant different things to different people. We have decided to make the single player game story experience the primary focus, but many people would argue that DOOM was more about the multi-player.

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